5 Tips: Don’t Let Your Wedding Dance Become a Bad Viral Video


You’ve likely seen those wedding dance fails on America’s Funniest Home Videos, where an awkward first dance steals the show for all the wrong reasons. To ensure your first dance is memorable (in a good way), here are the 5 essential dos and don’ts:

  1. Start Early:
    Gone are the days of that middle-school sway being acceptable for your first dance. Begin practicing months ahead to build confidence and muscle memory, avoiding a last-minute rush. 
  2. Learn How to Dance, Not Just A Dance:
    Picture your first dance going smoothly. Now, imagine being asked to dance again to a different song. Do you resort back to the awkward shuffle or shine with a variety of dance moves? Aim for the latter, showing off your diverse dancing skills, not just a one-hit wonder.
  3. Involve Your Family:
    Enhance the fun by getting your family into dancing. Offering ballroom dance lessons as a thank you to your parents or wedding party is not only a unique gift but also a great bonding experience. Plus, it elevates the dance floor experience for everyone at your wedding.
  4. Showcase the Right Surprises:
    Make sure your surprises delight rather than disappoint. Let your guests be amazed by your unexpected dance skills, not left wondering why there wasn’t more to your performance. A well-timed, instructor-taught dip or an unexpected transition from a waltz to a lively cha-cha can add the perfect touch. Aim for surprises that showcase your talent and preparation, rather than last-minute, unpracticed ideas.
  5. Never Quit Dance Lessons Before the Wedding:
    Here’s why quitting early is a big no-no. First off, YouTube tutorials are no match for personalized instruction. Dance lessons stand out as a pre-wedding activity that not only eases stress but also fosters connection and joy. More than just a task to check off for the wedding, they’re an investment in your relationship’s future, keeping the spark alive with each step you take together.

Don’t let your first dance become infamous for the wrong reasons. Reach out to your Sterling Heights dance studio now, and let’s kick off the fun. This is your chance to ensure your first dance—and every dance thereafter—is a testament to your love and joy together.