Cocktails and Cookies and Cakes, Oh My!


The season of giving is upon us, but if you turn a blind eye, it could quickly become the season of eating. While December brings holiday gatherings, gifting and cheer, it also promises decadent desserts and drinks that are hard to pass up. Bite-size treats and a sip of a cocktail might lift your spirits, but a tower of trifle and endless eggnog could send you into a downward spiral.


Have no fear! Whether you’ve had a reprieve from sugar consumption since Thanksgiving, or you’ve been indulging in sweets ever since, your temptation-busting tips are here!


By putting a plan into place now, you can have a memorable holiday season without calorie-rich, carb-filled foods crushing your fun. We’re not suggesting you skip sweets altogether, but we are offering tips to empower you to make good choices. Who wants to end 2017 feeling glutinous anyway?


Plan Your Plate


Adopt a healthy eating pattern now to help quell unhealthy food choices later. View the latest recommendations for the American diet, which include a combination of fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy. By planning your plate, you can avoid overdoing it on unhealthy fare. Aim to consume foods higher in protein and lower on carbohydrates, especially if you want to enjoy a sweet later. Make yourself earn that treat! Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Dipa Shah-Patel recommends focusing on portion sizes. “Go for a smaller piece of cake or pie, or share a dessert with a friend,” she said. “You won’t feel like you are depriving yourself, and will be saving yourself from extra calories.”




Whenever possible, bring your own dessert! Even if you’re not America’s next top baker, you can arrive at a party armed with a simple, healthier holiday treat. Did you know sweet potatoes are packed with fiber, minerals and vitamins, and can be used to make ooey, gooey brownies? Try this recipe for brownie squares you won’t regret. If you’re more of a cook who’s willing to try a new side or main dish, check out these healthy recipes. Or, get adventurous with avocados, which are dense in nutrients and contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fat – the good fat our bodies need! You’d be amazed at what you can whip up with the versatile green fruit.

Move Your Body


With a new year approaching, staying on track with your workouts or adding exercise to your daily regimen is key. Even brief, 30-minute walks have immediate and long-lasting effects on your body and mind. At most formal holiday parties, you can expect dinner and dancing. Use the latter to your advantage, as moving your body not only boosts your mood, but can distract you from sweets. The couple doing the jive is likely not thinking about that piece of fudge; they are too busy keeping up with the beat and enjoying the music! Showing off your moves and feeling the rhythm could help you forget about that bread pudding and fruitcake and help you burn close to 500 calories.


Arthur Murray Sterling Heights can help you get started with basic dancefloor moves or advanced choreography, depending on your comfort level. Sign up, email or call us at (586) 977-2121 and we’ll get you party-ready.


Location! Location! Location!


Choose a table close to the dancefloor, but away from the dessert bar.

No one wants a yule log staring at him or her while fighting food temptations! Strategically seat yourself where you can enjoy the ambiance, chat with your friends, watch dancers or partake in dancing yourself. Leave the dessert as an afterthought.


Partner Up


Lastly, find a partner who could help you get through the next few weeks. Share your goal of eating right and exercising and motivate each other to stay on track. Our dance instructors would love to partner up with you! Our three-fold dance instruction is an easy-to-follow way to add dance to your lifestyle and can benefit you through the holidays and beyond.