Before You Get Married, Get Murrayed


WEDDING PREP! Are you eyeball-deep in planning your big day? Let us help lift any stress you have around dancing. Whether it be your first dance or dancing all night: We. Can. Help. Let’s start with a simple multiple-choice question.

What is your vision for you and your spouse?

  1. A meaningful, memorable first dance
  2. A solid foundation of dance that carries beyond your wedding day
  3. A memorable first dance + some ideas for faster music


If You Answered A:

  • Take 4+ Private Wedding Dance Lessons
  • Minimum 1x/week frequency
  • Take current ability in to consideration

What you’ll learn:

  • Anywhere from two to five steps, or patterns, plus how to connect it
  • An entrance and a dip at the ending.
  • How to escort a lady onto the floor and present her, hold onto the lady’s hand properly and then teach her how to be submissive so he can actually lead her onto the floor (If the word “submissive” just made some of our confident ladies cringe, don’t worry – we mean submissive in dance movement, not personality

If You Answered B or C:

What you’ll learn:

  • How to dance beyond your wedding dance – rather than just learning a routine to one single song, you’ll learn how to dance together
  • Each partner will learn how to lead and/or follow
  • How to really relax and have fun doing it
  • A relationship-building skill that lasts a lifetime

Tips for Added Success:

  • Videotape your routine
  • Arrive before and/or stay after your lesson to practice
  • Try group lessons
  • Start sooner rather than later

The sooner you start learning, the sooner you start having fun. Rather than adding another to-do to your agenda close to the wedding, if you give us four to six months, you’re going to look forward to your dance lessons and really enjoy each other’s time.

Call the studio or sign up online today, and let’s bring more grace, beauty and meaning to your reception and your relationship. Before you get married, get Murrayed at your Sterling Heights Studio.

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