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Learning the Waltz

Manly Hobbies Every Man Should Try at Least Once

Are you a guys’ guy? Maybe hobbies like cars, guitar and sports are already part of your weekend routine. But if you find yourself with a spare hour or two…

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First Wedding Dance Between Bride and Groom

What’s your wedding dance style?

Want your first dance as a married couple to be unforgettable? Imagine a dance that’s as unique as your love story, perfectly mirroring your personalities and the bond you share.…

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Fox Trot Dance Lessons

5 Guidelines for Finding the Right Exercise for You

Seeking a fun way to get fit? Not every workout will make you look forward to exercise, but we’ve got some tips on picking the right one for you—and why…

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5 Tips: Don’t Let Your Wedding Dance Become a Bad Viral Video

You’ve likely seen those wedding dance fails on America’s Funniest Home Videos, where an awkward first dance steals the show for all the wrong reasons. To ensure your first dance…

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Private Dance Lessons

The Music We Dance to Might Surprise You

What music comes to mind when you think: “ballroom dance”? A poll of the general public would present answers like: Slow & steady Boring ballads Tunes otherwise unrecognizable by anyone…

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Swing Dance Lessons

5 Reasons Your Teen Needs to Dance

“I once had a student who was a young, fresh-out-of-the-box, teenager. He came with all the normal teenage accessories: A chip on his shoulder, a rebellious attitude, and little regard for…

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Tango dance lessons

Don’t Let These 5 Hang-Ups Stop You From Dancing

Dancing has advantages. Big. Meaningful. Measurable ones. Which means that anything influencing you to stop dancing is better off overcome. And the most effective way to maintain your dance relationship…

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Group Dance Lessons


Sure the holiday season is indulgent in the food department. And rightfully so. It’s not every day we get to enjoy our family’s favorite recipes. So let’s take a no-regrets…

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Rumba Dance Lessons

10 Must-Know Facts About Leading and Following

The Leader’s Essential Role Being a leader in dance means guiding your partner through the dance floor with confidence and clarity in your movements, without the need for words. The…

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Three Key Questions + How Dance Can Help Your Health

Before you do anything else, ask yourself these three questions: Do you want to feel on top of your game? Does Alzheimer’s or dementia run in your family? Is there…

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