Arthur Murray Sterling Heights

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Party’s on. Come hang out.

People like to hang out here, which is no surprise to us. Because at Arthur Murray Sterling Heights, you’ll meet some pretty great people and learn whatever you want to…

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Interview: Studio Manager Jessica DeVries Helps Keep the Human Vibe

Studio Manager Jessica DeVries sees a deeper purpose in ballroom dance, and she wants nothing more than for everyone who walks through her dance studio doors to sense it too.…

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Before You Get Married, Get Murrayed

WEDDING PREP! Are you eyeball-deep in planning your big day? Let us help lift any stress you have around dancing. Whether it be your first dance or dancing all night:…

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Is your New Year’s Resolution about working out? READ THIS FIRST.

Is there an easier workout? We all want an easier way to get fit. We’re all looking for ANYTHING but that workout we already hate before we’ve even put on…

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This Is “Showcase”

You’re in a room – a theater – drenched with stunning architecture. You stand with your partner, impeccably dressed, talking with friends – old and new – who’ve come to…

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Meet Oz and the reason you’ve gotta stop by his studio

Maybe you’re on the fence about dancing. Maybe you’re worried about feeling embarrassed. Or maybe you’re just perusing the internet for a fresh new way to exercise your body that…

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Olympic Parent Finds Her Own Spotlight

Behind every great athlete is a supportive family. Similarly, behind every Olympic athlete is a very, very, very (did we say very?) dedicated parent. That’s profoundly accurate when it comes…

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Dance Lessons

Get fit, feel happy with Spring Dance Lessons

You know that feeling you get when you see that first sign of spring? When the sun feels just a little warmer on your back, it’s really easy to get…

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How Guys Used to Get the Girl and Why You Care

For guys, dance used to be everything – meaning, it used to be the single most direct and necessary route to spending quality time with “the” girl. That band would…

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Fox Trot Dance Lessons

6 Common Misconceptions about Ballroom Dance Lessons

“I won’t be comfortable in front of other people.” We all get that sense of insecurity when we think about our dance moves. Especially when it comes to showing them…

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