Party’s on. Come hang out.

People like to hang out here, which is no surprise to us. Because at Arthur Murray Sterling Heights, you’ll meet some pretty great people and learn whatever you want to know – from how to hit the club to impressing wedding guests.

Check out what students and instructors are saying about hanging out, being social and making connections at Arthur Murray Sterling Heights.

Chris, AMRO Student says…
Why dance lessons? It was more to give us something to do outside of the house. We like to go to concerts and listen to live music, and then we would dance around with our son.

 Angela, AMRO Student says…
I think it’s already brought us closer together than we already were. It puts you in a great mood [regardless of] whether you’ve been in a bad mood. You get to your lesson and you forget about the day you’ve had at work.

Veronica, Dance Instructor says…
“Lately, I’m getting a whole bunch of young engineers, business professional men in their thirties. It’s a different time in our generation; we’re searching for more. We did what we have to do [with our careers], but [want to experience] what else is there?

 It’s a beautiful thing. I love what I do. No one comes into my studio and stays just because they love dancing. This place is for searching for more than what you already had. Pushing yourself to discover yourself, or coming in here with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, doesn’t matter. So many different people are now learning how to fall in love again. They’re learning how to not do ‘Netflix ‘n chill.’”

Jessica, Studio Manager says…
“The range that [our studio] has gives people more options. You’ll hear students say, ‘we thought everyone would be in their 50s and 60s,’ but there’s such an age range here and definitely a huge experience range. We have a ton of new people walking in the door every single day who have never taken a lesson before, and then others who’ve been around for 13 or 14 years.

 Everyone really likes it. By having not only conversation, but being in the same physical space, you’re using each other to dance and it creates more of a feeling of being real and human – not just zoned out with phones and TV and social media.

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