Resolution Check: Remember Those New Year’s Resolutions?


Every January, we all start talking about that big “R” word—resolutions. It’s our plan to make our lives better in some way, based on a Latin word that means “to loosen or release.” But, here’s the catch: actually keeping these resolutions is tough. says 60% of us make them, but only 8% succeed.


Now that we’re moving through the year, it’s a perfect time to check in on those promises we made to ourselves. At Arthur Murray, we’re all about supporting our students’ goals. Achieving what you set out to do can really lift your spirits! Psychologists tell us that hitting your targets can make you feel great, while a never-ending list of tasks can weigh you down.


So, what were the top goals for 2019?


Eating better (71%)

– Exercising more (65%)

– Losing weight (54%)

– Saving money (32%)

– Picking up a new skill or hobby (26%)

– Quitting smoking (21%)

Reading more (17%)

– Finding a new job (16%)

– Cutting down on alcohol (15%)

– Spending more time with loved ones (13%)


At our dance studio, we believe dancing can help with many of these resolutions. Want to boost your social life or shed some pounds? Dancing can help. Looking to learn something new or just be happier? Dancing is the answer!


Putting off your goals is easy, so let’s stop that NOW!


Joining Arthur Murray Sterling Heights means becoming part of a community. Our students love the extra perks of ballroom dancing—like getting fit, making friends, and reducing stress. Don’t wait until summer to start feeling your best. Visit us and we’ll help you smash your resolution list while having a blast. The best part? Arthur Murray offers a free, no-pressure first session. Sign up for a trial or give us a call at (586) 977-2121 . Share your aspirations with our professional instructors, and we’ll help you meet them. There’s still time to make the most of 2019, starting today!