Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone


When Lisa Rybak started as a receptionist at our studio two years ago, she went through the typical first week of getting situated in a new job. She took a tour, learned her daily duties, met other staffers and was then instructed by our manager Jessica to do the unthinkable — take a dance lesson. “I didn’t know what to expect,” Lisa said. While she had previously worked at music and theatre companies, Lisa had never taken a ballroom lesson before. Suddenly, the nerves set in for this mother of two adult children. She experienced the intimidation many dance newbies might feel. “It put me in tune with what the new students feel for sure,” she said.

To her surprise, Lisa “was quickly bit by the dance bug” after completing her first dance lesson. “It was a great call by Jessica to have me do that,” she said. “I love my lessons now and I like knowing how to dance because it’s so interesting and a total skill just like any sport.” Although she never planned to be a ballroom dancer, Lisa has made dance a part of her lifestyle. She takes lessons once a week and enjoys participating in our Parties on Thursday nights. Though hard to choose, she says the Cha Cha is her favorite dance style.

When she’s not on the dance floor, Lisa is a ceramic artist who creates pottery during the day. Unlike other AMRO students who may be focused on perfecting their craft or learning routines for a competition, Lisa says her only goal is to dance for fun! Her new hobby has given her more confidence to try and succeed at activities outside of her comfort zone. “I have more of a can-do attitude after starting here,” she said.

Aside from the emotional benefits, Lisa says she has lost weight. “Every day is fast paced here and I feel physically wonderful,” she said. She has also noted how dancing helps one unwind and de-stress. “I see students walk in after a fight with their spouse or a bad day at work and walk out dancing and fine and happy,” she said. “Dancing helps you forget about everything and have a good day in the end.” For anyone considering ballroom, Lisa’s advice is to “just go ahead and do it.” She advises that a new student try at least five lessons. “People don’t try new things often enough,” she said. “I tried something new and didn’t know it was going to be so much fun.”

We always appreciate when new students share their story and find Lisa’s to be extra special and unique. She embodies change in the best way and represents what it means to open up to new opportunities. Rather than shying away from the unknown, she forged into a new hobby that turned out to enhance her life. “The team here [at AMSH] is the most amazing group of people I have ever worked with and the students are equally amazing,” Lisa said. She views our studio as a place “where people come to be happy and have enjoyment in their life” and we tend to agree.

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