Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Lessons

Before You Get Married...
Get "Murrayed"

Shine on your big day with just 4 wedding dance lessonsMove gracefully, get guests talking and learn to dance with your partner for the rest of your lives. It’s fun, fast and more affordable than you think.

Tips for a
Perfect First Wedding Dance

Don’t wait until the last minute to start.

Start 4-6 months early – especially if you’re new to dancing. Your wedding dance lessons truly become your stress-free break from wedding planning. If you are short on time, don't worry! We can give you a crash course for your wedding dance!

You don’t need to know your first-dance song.

Your first lesson is an introduction to the most popular dance choices. Don’t wait to get started.

Be consistent with your appointments.

To get the most out of your lessons, schedule at least once a week without breaks in between.

Take advantage of group classes.

They’re part of your wedding dance lesson package, and you’ll learn to lead, follow and dance beyond your “first dance.”

Don’t miss the practice sessions!

This unique tool helps you learn how to dance on a crowded floor. Everyone is there to practice and polish their skills.

Learn Quickly and Save Time.

If you are short on time, don't worry! We can give you a crash course for your wedding dance lessons!

From the
Bride & Groom


"We received a gift certificate to Arthur Murray Sterling Heights from my parents and we wasted no time starting 10 months before our wedding. With time by our side, we enjoyed the process of learning plenty of social dances and narrowed our first dance performance to our favorite styles: the rumba and foxtrot. We smiled and laughed throughout our performance and impressed our guests with fancy dips, spins and even a lift!! We attribute our success to starting lessons early and having an encouraging instructor who made everything come together beautifully."

Brandon and Celeste


"A daddy-daughter dance can be just as memorable as a bride and groom’s first dance — especially when it’s one that guests talk about for years! I asked my dad even before I was engaged to take dance lessons with me and he gladly accepted and added dance to his typical pastimes of sports, fishing and hunting. Seven months, two dance styles and many weekly lessons later, we pulled off a flawless performance. His success was due in part to the stand-in partner he created for practice sessions: a basement pole with bungee cords attached to its sides, mimicking arms. Many guests asked my dad if he was a professional dancer, and to this day, he receives accolades for his moves. He continues to take lessons, but this time with my mom. She jokes that she will outdo us with an epic mommy-son dance (provided that my brother ties the knot one day)!"

Caitlin Smith and Mike Surdock


"In learning a first dance for our wedding, we grew closer as a couple. Our favorite part of dancing at Arthur Murray is the emotional response and physical connection it creates between us. It puts you in such an amazing mood with an added adrenaline rush and sense of accomplishment. We relish in celebrating every move we get right and look forward to learning more."

Jacob and Nicole Abbo