What’s your wedding dance style?

First Wedding Dance Between Bride and Groom

Want your first dance as a married couple to be unforgettable? Imagine a dance that’s as unique as your love story, perfectly mirroring your personalities and the bond you share.


Your wedding details, from the colors to the flowers and the dress, reflect your personal style. Your first dance should do the same, transforming into a moment that showcases who you are together.


But how do you choose the right dance for your wedding? An About.com piece by Treva Bedinghaus, “Which dance style is best for our first dance?” offers insights into aligning your dance style with the essence of your relationship and your chosen song. Whether you’re aiming for something slow and romantic or lively and fun, this guide can help you decide if you’ve picked the perfect steps for your special day.


  • Foxtrot:
    This dance is perfect if you feel at ease and graceful in each other’s embrace. It’s straightforward to learn, making it ideal for slower tunes and ballads.
  •  Waltz:
    Planning a formal, black-tie affair? The waltz, with its traditional and elegant feel, could be your go-to choice.

  • Swing Dancing:
    If your relationship is laid-back and filled with fun, swing dancing can add a casual, playful vibe to your celebration.

  • Salsa, Rumba, Cha-cha:
    For couples known for their energy and excitement, the vibrant and passionate Latin dances offer a sophisticated yet lively option.

To explore these options further, consider reading the full article. Then, why not discuss the perfect fit for your wedding day with one of our instructors? Let’s make your first dance a moment that truly represents the love and joy you share.

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